Car Cleaning Gift Sets

Original Gloss has everything any car enthusiast or professional detailer needs. Alongside our complete range of detailing products, our car cleaning gift sets and kits are perfect for any detailing beginner or expert looking to save money by buying full kits.

What you need to achieve great car washing results, Original Gloss has you covered.

  • Chemical Guys Hydro Line 3pc Exterior Kit

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  • Chemical Guys Complete Matte Kit

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  • Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Quantum 5.5″ Best of the Best Buffing Pads Everything Kit (8 Items)

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  • Chemical Guys Best of the Best Buffing Pads Everything Kit (8 Items)

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  • Chemical Guys Starter Car Care Kit (7 Items)

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  • Leather Lovers Kit – 5 Products (16 oz)

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  • Chemical Guys White Car Care Kit (9 Items)

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  • Chemical Guys The Best Detailing Kit (8 Pack)

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The Perfect Car Detailing Gift Packs

Often it’s hard to find the right present for someone, but if they love their vehicle, car cleaning kits can be a great gift. With a large selection of car care kits to choose from, it can be hard to know the best fit when choosing for friends and family.

For The Car Care Newbie

It’s definitely best to start off simple if you know your gift recipient isn’t in the habit of being particular with their car wash accessories. Look for car care kits that include washes, glosses, and waxes to help them start their car care journey.

Perfection Inside And Out

For those that are keen on making sure the inside of their car looks as good as the outside, upholstery kits and car fragrance sets that include air fresheners and odour neutralisers, are sure to be a hit. Specialist cleaners are available that will protect and add sheen to leather interiors.

All About The Shine

Car cleaning gift sets that include waxes and microfibre polishing towels are ideal for people who take pride in their paintwork. Car wash accessories for wheels and tyres are also great for those who like spotless alloys.

The Professional

They may already have a car care kit but if they are ready to step up to the next level it’s time to look at gift sets including foam cannons and guns. As powerful as they sound, they’re designed to do a great job whilst protecting paintwork. Many gift sets will come with professional cleaning fluid designed for use with cannons or guns.

Not sure what they want – are they?

Sample kits are ideal if you’re not sure what they’d choose. Try car cleaning kits that include a selection of car wash accessories so that your gift recipient can try out different products and choose their favourite for themselves.

Gift of love

For that special person in your life look for an ultimate gift set – a combination of washes, waxes, upholstery cleaners, microfibre applicators, and microfibre towels. A full car detailing kit is an excellent present for an all-round clean and polish, inside and out.