Get started in car detailing with a professional car polishing kit

Whether you’re a professional car detailer, or just take pride in your own vehicle, in order to produce and deliver the best finished article, you need to be properly equipped with the best tools for the job. A starter car polishing kit is ideal to get you up and running – but what should a car care kit consist of? You want something that combines every product that a professional car detailer would need to provide that ‘factory-fresh’ finish on any vehicle surface.

The Chemical Guys Starter Car Care Kit provides just that, and is ideal for professional or personal use.

Vehicle Wash And Gloss Soap

This citrus-based wash soap is ideal, and safe, for all gloss paint finishes. It contains slickening agents that removes abrasive dirt and grime by lubricating them and then the thick wash foam ensures a scratch-free finish. These citrus cleaning agents can remove any stubborn grease without compromising the surface’s sealant or wax.

Wheel Cleaner

Brake dust and road grime can not only make your car look dirty but, more seriously, corrode and damage wheels rims and even brake parts. This wheel cleaner effectively cuts through this dirt and, because it is PH-balanced, is safe for all wheel finishes.

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Butter Wet Wax enhances deep shine and, just as importantly, through its’ carnauba wax and synthetic polymers, provides durable protection for all paintwork, glass and polished metal surfaces, shielding them against pollution, contamination and the harmful UV sunlight.

Detail Spray

You can use this speed wipe spray between full car washes to remove fingerprints, smudges and light dirt such as insect spatters and bird droppings. A quick clean-up with this spray restores that ‘just waxed’ look to your vehicle, quickly and easily.

Rubber An Vinyl Cleaner

Use the Silk Shine Dressing to restore that deep-black look to tyres to make it appear that it’s just left the car showroom! It’s not only good for the rubber components but can also be used on vinyl dashboards, door mirrors, grates and plastic bumpers to give a crisp, gleaming appearance.

Clay Bar Decontamination

This light-duty clay bar can be used to effectively remove some of the more embedded ‘industrial’ contaminants, such as brake dust and industrial pollution, from any exterior component or surface of your car.