How to use Chemical Guys After Wash

We all need to regularly wash and polish our cars. This not only helps to make the car look shiny and new, but it can also help to protect the bodywork from wear and tear and unsightly rust. However, did you know that the way in which you clean your car, along with your chosen cleaner, can actually cause scratches? You need to use a good cleaning product, dry the car thoroughly and use the correct cleaning method. This is why you need to invest in Chemical Guys After Wash.

How do you use Chemical Guys After Wash?

Once your car is thoroughly cleaned, rinse all suds from the surface of the car. Do not dry, as the car needs to be wet for the After Wash to work. Spray the car’s bodywork thoroughly with Chemical Guys After Wash. You then need to use a microfiber towel to dry the car’s surface. Using a microfiber towel will help to dry the car even quicker, as this type of cloth absorbs moisture. Dry thoroughly and your car will shine and be streak-free.

So, how does Chemical Guys After Wash work?

Chemical Guys After Wash helps to moisturise your car’s bodywork while speeding up the drying process. It not only repels moisture, due to its advanced hydrophobic properties, but also helps to create a streak-free finish. The After Wash formula also enhances the effect of any car sealant or wax that has been used, helping to both protect and give added shine. It can be used on wheels, glass and even plastic.

Why you should use Chemical Guys After Wash

Chemical Guys After Wash is easy to apply to your car and to wipe with a microfiber towel. It’s quick to dry, helping to eliminate any swirls or smudges on the paintwork. It protects your car’s bodywork by providing additional lubrication that helps to prevent scratches. It also makes your car’s bodywork shine with minimum elbow grease.

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