The chemical guys air freshener catalogue just got bigger

Just about everybody who owns a car will have some form of air freshener working away in there, trying to keep the car smelling nice. Not everybody, though, puts a lot of thought into the fragrances they are filling their vehicle with – some just opt for a fresh aroma to mask any other everyday unpleasant odours that inhabit cars that are in constant use.

Chemical Guys are experienced in creating innovative and quality car products, and are constantly working to improve everybody’s driving experience. They have a wide, and diverse, range of car fragrances and odour eliminators available, and have now produced a combination pack of three of the most popular and sought after car air fresheners for you to take advantage of – The Chemical Guys Air New Car, Leather and Stripper Scent Combo Pack.

These are the fragrances it contains:

1. New car smell

Most people agree that one of the joys of getting a new car is that lovely smell of the brand new upholstery, carpets and clean plastics – it can invoke feelings of success, achievement and luxury! Unfortunately, it doesn’t last that long and is often replaced with the odours of everyday car use – fast food, stale air, wet dog in some cases, and other equally unpleasant scents!

Since replacing your car every month is hardly a practical option, then investing in a Chemical Guys New Car Smell Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator is the best option to recapture, and retain, that initial smell of satisfaction you got when first getting your car.

2. Leather Scent

The smell of leather often invokes that sense of luxury and quality – nothing else smells quite like it – fresh, rich and aromatic. Chemical Guys Leather Scent will fill your car with a sense of opulence and class.

3. Stripper Scent

Now, I know that none of you people have ever frequented a strip club or any similar establishment, so how would you know what a stripper scent smells like? So, Chemical Guys kindly got their chemists to create a scent to demonstrate to you what fragrances such an experience might involve! If you can imagine what sort of atmosphere shiny poles and lavishly upholstered private seating booths might smell like, then this is it.

Where do use these scents

You don’t have to restrict these fabulous scents to your car – you can use these in a variety of ways and places. Chemical Guys Air Fresheners can be used anywhere you want to replace stale, musty, unpleasant odours and atmospheres. Cars, around the house, pet beds and garages can all be freshened by their use.

Remember, Chemical Guys Air Fresheners are also odour eliminators – so rather than just masking unpleasant smells with fresh ones, they actually chemically eliminate them and also prevent the foul smells from reoccurring.