Chemical Guys Stripper Scent – The smell of success!

Let’s face it, the insides of our cars can often smell. Whether this is due to long hours we spend in them driving and releasing natural body odour, or if it is due to that fish and chip take away you picked up last night, we all know that smells linger. Everyone also knows that these smells can be difficult to get rid of, and because we often use our cars every day, bad smells can make driving an unpleasant experience.

So what can you do?

Many people will try and use a hanging air freshener to combat these bad smells, but these only mask the smell with something more powerful. They don’t tackle to root cause of the problem, nor do they kill the bacteria that causes odours in the first place. Equally, many of these air fresheners are heavily synthetic and can affect people with allergies.

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That’s why you should use Chemical Guys air freshener

At Chemical Guys, we understand these problems and have created an air freshener that solves everything. Not only does it cover the bad smells, but it targets the bacteria causing these smells, working as an odour eliminator as well as an air freshener. The specialist formula also prevents new odours from occurring over time, ensuring that the effects are long-lasting.

Why people love Chemical Guys Stripper Scent

Sometimes, you don’t want an air freshener that smells of pine or mint though. For anyone with more exotic tastes, we have created our Chemical Guys Stripper Scent. Specially geared to remind you of those nights in shadowy private booths and elegant dancing clubs, we use natural odour eliminating enzymes combined with this distinct subtle smell to allow you to breath easy where ever you are. Perfect for your car, van, home or office, you can be reminded of those memories made on shiny silver poles just from a sniff.

You can find this product in 4, 8 and 16 oz bottles, or you can buy a gallon for extra convenience. As well as using this scent in air fresheners and odour eliminators, we have also specially designed car wash shampoo and cleaning soaps too. Chemical Guys Stripper Scent – The smell of success!