How to dry your car using a microfiber towel

Why it matters how you dry your car

The answer is that it’s the perfect way to remove moisture and any residue from cleaning products. A microfiber towel dries off your vehicle extremely well, soaking up anything left on the paintwork. That includes trapping and removing particles of dirt that may have been left behind.

In fact, for anyone who does car detailing, using a microfiber towel to wash and dry the exterior is pretty much a given.

For a start, it is non-abrasive. That means when you dry your car using a scratchless detailing towel, you are not inadvertently damaging your paintwork in a way that is often naked to the human eye. That sort of damage builds up and eventually makes your car paint finish poor, or even leaves the way open for corrosion.

Microfibre towels for cars are also strong and durable, meaning you can clean your car without the cloth shredding or leaving fibres on your shiny bodywork.

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Best method to dry your car

The best way to prepare your microfiber cloth to do its job effectively, is to wring it through with cold water. Squeeze as much moisture out, and you are ready to start.

By the way, always use plain water for getting your towel ready and cleaning it as you go. This avoids leaving streaks or marks and gives a flawless finish.

Open out the towel out, then pass it over the bodywork of your car systematically, using an open hand to move it around.

This ensures it can dry large areas quickly but effectively.

Each time the microfiber towel becomes wet, wring it out and check it is still clean. You may want to switch to a clean towel – or clean it well in water – if it has lifted a lot of dirt off.

Once you have wiped across the whole of the car’s paintwork a couple of times, and it is as dry as possible, you can then let nature finish it off.

Though using a microfiber towel in this way will generally create a great finish. Especially if you opt for a brand that offers quick dry towels.

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