How to clean your interior car floor mats

Regularly maintaining any vehicle and ensuring it stays clean can be a chore, but is well worth the effort as it’s a fantastic experience to drive a shiny, sparkling car.

Cleaning interior car floor mats is one essential car cleaning task that’s often overlooked, but grubby mats can detract from the overall appearance of any vehicle.

Tips for cleaning car floor mats

1. Remove the floor mats from the car and put them on a level surface so you can vacuum or brush away all loose particles, dust, hair and gravel.

2. Treat any stains with Chemical Guys Lightning Fast Stain Extractor as it will speedily remove grimy marks and embedded stains from fabric and carpet. Lighter coloured floor mats can become extremely grubby, so effective cleaning on a regular basis is essential. Lightning Fast Stain Extractor has a very strong stain removing formulation, so it’s possible to dilute the product with water to suit your needs exactly.

Stains from coffee, grease, chewing gum, oil, wine, dirt, or pets will disappear before your eyes. You just need to spray the stain extractor onto stains, then use a bristle brush to work it into marks, wiping off any remaining residue with a towel. Lightning Fast removes the toughest stains from carpets, leaving floor mats and carpet looking like new, and brings back the colour to floor mats and revives carpet pile.

3. Finally, protect your floor mats from any further staining by using Fabric Guard spray. One or two coats of Chemical Guys Fabric Guard gives the protection needed to ensure your interior car floor mats stand up to daily wear and repel any future stains or marks.