How to make rubber car mats shine

If, like most people, you are using your car every day, you’ll know that is not easy to keep it looking in pristine condition – either inside or out!

Besides any residual dirt you automatically deposit in your car just getting in and out, from the drive or street, you may have the family eating and drinking in the car, or the dog delighting in sharing the mud and dirt it has just collected on its’ walk!

The car’s upholstery can be hoovered and cleaned regularly to keep its’ appearance, but the rubber car mats have the dirt trodden deep into them and can be more difficult to keep looking good. You need to get the right product – a rubber car mat cleaner specially formulated to deal specifically with this problem. Chemical Guys Mat ReNew is such a product – here are some reasons why you should consider using this versatile cleaner:

Slip resistant

Many people, including some professional detailers, make the mistake of using tyre shine dressing on faded and worn rubber, and vinyl, mats to restore colour and that shiny look. This is, however, potentially dangerous – the tyre shine dressing is effective in restoring the mats’ appearance, but is actually slippery to touch as well as to look! This slippery feel can cause shoes to slip off the pedals, thereby potentially causing accidents – using Mat ReNew on your rubber and vinyl floor mats is far safer.



Just your average, normal car use can leave your rubber floor mats dirty and grimy. Dirt, and other materials, that you bring in on your shoes every time you get into your car, accumulates on the mats. This, added to any exposure to sunlight, will cause your mats to fade, harden and then, potentially, crack. The Chemical Guys rubber car mat cleaner gently removes the dirt and grime and restores that deep-black look and soft feel to the rubber or vinyl.


The gentle action of Mat ReNew cleaner, not only cleans the mats, but helps protect them from any further degradation – it contains specially designed UV blockers that will protect from harmful solar rays, therefore maintaining both the look, and lifetime, of your car floor mats.

The Mat ReNew car mat cleaner is silicone-free and will clean and restore the original appearance to your rubber and vinyl car mats. It can be used in any vehicle and, indeed, anywhere else you may have rubber mats – the house, garage, caravan or workplace.

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