How to wash microfiber towels

One of the many things that make microfiber towels invaluable for jobs like buffing vehicle bodywork is their durability. You don’t just get great results when you first buy microfiber towels; with the proper care, you can use them many times over and still get scratch-free performance.

However, a note of caution: if you don’t wash your microfiber towels properly, they won’t be as effective! The correct washing – and drying – procedures are needed to keep them clean, soft and snag free.

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Wash in distinct batches

Much depends on the purpose of your microfiber towels. The range is versatile enough to be used for a wide range of tasks, from interior detailing to drying bodywork, and from cleaning wheels to degreasing engine bays.

This means they come into contact with different types and levels of contaminants. For example, high functioning microfiber drying towels may largely gather clean water droplets, whereas other towels could pick up a lot of dirt and oil.

This means washing them together creates the risk of cross-contamination, with all your towels sharing the same dirty water during the cycle! You could also end up with wax residue reducing the effectiveness of some of your detailing microfiber towels.

Washing them in separate loads, like-with-like, is far preferable.

Use appropriate microber cleaning products

To cleanse your microfiber towels properly and maintain their suppleness and value, washing them in the correct solution is vital.

The Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash has been specially formulated to provide the level of cleanliness and fiber care that’s required. It strips away contaminates, without making your towels stiff and scratchy.

It does this by including the correct level of softening agents. This is important, as commercial laundry softeners are woefully inappropriate for microfiber towels! They can actually clog the fabric with chemical residue, that will detract from your towels’ ability to shine and dry.

Use the correct wash settings

To be sure of opening up the fibers sufficiently to release dirt and any other contaminates, it is important to wash your towels on a hot setting. In conjunction with the correct amount of Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash solution for your load size, the hot water can work its magic during a regular washing machine cycle.

Fluff and fold!

To ensure maximum softness and long term effectiveness, it is preferable to dry your microfiber towels in a tumble dryer. Use a low heat setting, though, as intense heat can harden the fibers. Air drying can sometimes make them too stiff.

Once completely dry and fluffed up in the machine, it’s recommended that you fold the towels and store them in a clean cabinet or container.

Remember, microfiber drying towels and similar products have been specially created to pick up dirt easily. So, proper storage ensures they don’t start out covered in dust before you even begin using them for detailing, cleaning and polishing.

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