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3 Step Polish Kit


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Kit Contents

1 x Compound (12oz)

1 x Polish (12oz)

1 x Finishing Polish (12oz)

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303 Compound is the first step in 303’s 3-step polishing process and has the capability to remove severe paint defects. This compound utilises the latest in abrasive technology to remove moderate to severe paint defects, including swirls, deep scratches and scrapes, light oxidation and more. Plus it has the ability to remove 1500 grit sanding marks

303 Polish is engineered to remove moderate defects like light scratches and swirl marks while adding depth and clarity to your paint. This is the second step in 303’s 3-step paint perfect system and it helps to eliminate fine swirls and scratches in your paint. It leaves a deep, reflective shine.

303 Finishing Polish is the 3rd step in the 303 polishing system that will produce stunning paint depth and clarity. This finishing polish provides maximum paint clarity and a mirror-like finish, while also removing 2500 grit scratches.



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