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303® Automotive Leather 3-in-1 Complete Care


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~ No left behind residue
~ Repels dust, lint and stains
~ Conditions leather surface to prevent cracking and fading
~ Provides UV protection for all finished automotive leather and vinyl
~ Safe for Use on All Finished Car Leather and Vinyl Surfaces #TBD

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303® Automotive Leather 3-in-1 Complete Care cleans, conditions and provides UV protection to all finished leather and vinyl. It will help clean up surface dirt and grime, as will help repel future dust, lint and stains.  It also contains superior UV protection to prevent fading and cracking of the leather caused by the sun’s harmful UV rays.  Easy to use formula, just spray on and wipe off.

Usage Directions:
Start by testing a small area for colorfastness.  If color is affected, do not use.  Spray product directly onto desired surface and wipe dry with a clean, microfiber towel or applicator. If surface is extremely dirty, work product into surface before wiping dry. Additional applications may be required.  Use a wet towel to remove any excess, and immediately wipe dry. Apply every 30-45 days for best results, or as desired. Great for use on auto leather or vinyl interiors, shoes, leather furniture, and much more! DO NOT use on unfinished leather (such as suede), fabrics or flooring.

303 3 in 1 Leather Complete Care is safe to use on a variety of surfaces, such as:
~ Finished Leather or Vinyl Auto Interiors
~ Leather Furniture
~ Leather Shoes
~ Leather Luggage and Handbags

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Dimensions 10 × 5 × 28 cm


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