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Car Wash and Wax Kit


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Kit Contents

1 x Spray Wax (16oz)

1 x Car Wash (18oz)

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303® Automotive Spray Wax is the fastest solution for making your car shine. This formula is a gentle cleaner that helps remove water spots, dust, and other debris from the hard surfaces on your car, while leaving a protective layer that lasts up to 90 days to help repel these elements. It also contains superior UV protection to prevent colour fading.

Take your vehicle’s shine to an entirely new level with 303® Car Wash. This ultra-concentrated car wash soap will provide your car with a clean, streak-free finish. Lather your baby up in never ending foam, giving you superior lubrication to make sure you don’t scratch your paints finish. This wash will not only leave you outside staring into that freshly washed paint, but you will get lost in the new deep gloss depth that has just been added to your ride.



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