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Chemical Guys 1 Pack Blue 6 inch Clay Eraser Disc (Fine)


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Clay Eraser Disc, Blue (Fine) – 6 inch Makes surfaces smooth as glass Easily removes surface contamination from paintwork, glass, clear plastics, and metal Faster alternative to the clay bar Designed for surfaces with light contamination Removes embedded contaminants, pollution, industrial fallout, and light water spots in seconds Exclusive Hex-Logic Geo-Impressions increase disc surface area and effect Attaches to your favourite dual action polisher for the fastest cleaning results Works on any paint colour If dropped on the floor, simply rinse and wipe clean Also available in Super Fine and Medium grades About The Fine Clay Eraser Disc Chemical Guys Clay Eraser Disc is the next-generation synthetic auto clay bar system. The Clay Eraser uses synthetic clay material to remove rough contamination from the surface of any vehicle. The textured Hex-Logic Geo-Impressions increase surface area of the Clay Eraser and quadruple the decontamination effect of each rotation. Use Clay Eraser to remove embedded contaminants, pollution, brake dust, industrial fallout, and overspray for a smooth-as-glass feel on your car, truck, motorcycle, or RV. Clay Eraser works on paintwork, headlights, windows, wheels, exhaust systems, and painted plastic surfaces all around your vehicle. The unique Clay Eraser disc attaches to your favorite dual action polisher, or onto the foam interface pad with included hand strap, for fast and effective cleaning across even the most heavily contaminated vehicles. Clay bar decontamination is a critical step for next-level detailing, and Clay Eraser cuts surface prep time by more than half. Hex-Logic Geo-Impressions Utilizing Hex-Logic Geo-Impressions, Chemical Guys developed a Clay Disc that delivers superior efficiency and speed combined with the most innovative design. Hex-Logic Geo-Impressions enables the user to cover larger surface areas faster, easier, safer and more efficiently than ever.


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