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Chemical Guys 16oz Dilution Bottle with Spout Cap


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About This Bottle

If you?re a professional detailer or hardcore enthusiast who goes through gallon jugs of wax, dressing, and protectant, you?re going to need some Secondary Container Dilution Bottles. These heavy duty detailing bottles with flip cap hold and distribute 16 ounces of your favorite detailing chemicals. Buy your favorite Chemical Guys cream wax, sealant, dressing, and gel protectant by the gallon, then pour into the clear secondary container bottle and get to work! Each of these bottles comes with a flip-cap and spout. Simply flip the red tab up to squeeze out any product, then flip it down to close it with a spill-proof seal. Chemical Guys Secondary Dilution Bottles come printed with GHS-compliant communication labeling for improved safety in your professional detailing shop or enthusiast garage setting. Easily mark the bottle to communicate the chemical name, and indicate any type of potential hazards and handling precautions for a safer work environment. Buying product in bulk by the gallon saves you money, and making your own bottles of wax, glaze, dressing, and protectant to take on any job site store in any garage is easy with the Chemical Guys Secondary Dilution Bottle With Spout Cap.

Crystal Clear For Better Detailing

If you think it?s inconvenient to run out of wax or tire shine while detailing in your driveway, try running out while detailing for a client out at their home or office! Knowing how much product you have in your bottle is not an optional feature: you have to know. That?s why Chemical Guys Secondary Container Bottles With Spout Caps are made with clear plastics. Unlike cheaper bargain bin bottles, Chemical Guys Secondary Container Bottles are clear for easy identification and level checks. One glance, and you can instantly know what?s inside, and how much is left. But cover all your bases: are you picking up a bottle of leather cream or carnauba wax? Your day will go either really well, or terribly depending on the answer to that question! If there?s ever any chance of confusion between similar-looking products, we printed every bottle with labels for product names, dilution ratios, and hazard communication. Write directly on the label with your trusty marker or felt-tip pen to take away any guesswork for you, your employees, or friends and family who help you detail and clean.

Chemical-Resistant Durability

Chemical Guys introduced the Secondary Container Dilution Bottle for ease of use in any detailing situation. Use the Dilution Bottle as a secondary container for distributing products purchased in discounted 1 gallon bulk containers. Every Secondary Container Bottle has printed graphics for easy mixing and blending to create your own diluted solution for gentler targeted detailing inside, or outside the vehicle. These PVC bottles are the very same chemical-resistant and durable containers that all Chemical Guys products are shipped in. No Chemical Guys detailing cleaner, degreaser, stain buster, or protectant dressing will put holes in your bottles or puddles in your garage. Use them in your Detail Garage, workshop, or driveway, or throw them in your battle box and hit the road for any mobile detailing application. No matter where you detail, no matter the time of year or season, Chemical Guys Secondary Container Dilution Bottles will take on any detailing job, big or small.

Hazard Communication For Safer Detailing

Chemical Guys believes in effective, responsible, and safe detailing practices, so that?s why we?ve jumped on board the UN?s Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) standard ahead of schedule. This system effectively communicates important chemical information regarding specific hazards, precautions, and contents you need to know before you start using any product. Pretty soon, every country in the United Nations, European Union, and the rest of the world will follow this system to make using, buying, and transporting chemicals and products safer than ever before. Every one of our Secondary Container Dilution Bottles comes with these labels printed right on the side. Now you can easily specify and communicate anything you, your workers, or your friends and family need to know every time they pick up a bottle. It all starts with a space for the name: what?s inside this bottle? Is it wheel acid or water? You need to know! There is also space to communicate any specific health and environmental hazards the contents may pose, as well as necessary precautions one should take should accidents happen. Some Chemical Guys cleaners and degreasers come fully concentrated, but you don?t always need to use them at full strength when detailing. A dilution ratio measure on the side gives a clear and concise indicator for quick and accurate blending and mixing to take on any job, big or small. Use the Chemical Guys Secondary Container Dilution Bottle for safe, responsible, and effective detailing anywhere, any time.

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