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Chemical Guys InnerClean Quick Detailer (16oz)


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Car interior quick detail spray

  • Interior quick detail spray that cleans, conditions, and protects interiors
  • Works on plastic, rubber, vinyl, leather, glass, and more
  • Perfect for LCD navigation screens, steering wheels, and seats
  • Advanced UV protection helps protect against cracking and fading
  • Unique dust repelling technology
  • Fresh pineapple scent

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How It Works

Chemical Guys InnerClean is the ultimate quick detailer for your vehicle’s interior. The unique formula of InnerClean cleans and protects interior surfaces quickly and easily.

InnerClean quickly wipes away dirt, dust, and body oils from interior surfaces, restores a crisp OEM sheen, and protects against harmful UV solar rays. The unique conditioners inside InnerClean bring life back to dry and neglected interior surfaces and restores a factory-fresh appearance.

Clean dashboards, door panels, steering wheels, vinyl and leather seats, glass, LCD navigation screens, and more with this high quality car interior cleaner.

Perfect For Quick Detailing

InnerClean restores the crisp, clean, factory-fresh look of car interiors. Blended with dust-repelling technology and zero-residue formula, InnerClean repels dirt and dust, keeping your interior cleaner for longer. Simply spray InnerClean on a microfiber towel and wipe away dirt, dust, fingerprints, and body oil in seconds.

Versatile Formula

Automotive interiors are one of the hardest areas to detail because of the wide variety of materials and textures. From leather, plastic, vinyl, cloth, chrome, glass, carpet, metal, upholstery, rubber, and on, interiors contain more diverse materials than any other part of a car. InnerClean is the first product formulated to work across all of them.

Simply mist InnerClean on a premium microfiber towel, then wipe away dirt, dust, grease, and oil from dashboards, door panels, armrests, steering wheels, navigation screens, cupholders, seats, gauge clusters, and more. InnerClean is the one-step product for interior cleaning and protecting.

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