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Chemical Guys Interior & Upholstery Brush


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Why Buy This Product?

  • Easily cleans any convertible soft top
  • Made with natural horse hair bristles
  • Contoured plastic handle for years of comfortable use
  • Perfect for cleaning soft tops, upholstery, shoes, furniture, and more!

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About The Chemical Guys Upholstery Brush

The Convertible Top Horse Hair Cleaning Brush is the perfect tool for cleaning any convertible top. Cloth soft tops are sensitive to harsh chemicals, stiff bristle brushes, and improper cleaning techniques.

Horse hair is renown for its softness, durability, and its gentle cleaning and scrubbing properties. The bristles are densely-packed into a durable plastic handle for years of rugged cleaning ability. The ergonomic brush handle is molded and contoured for a comfortable grip during heavy scrubbing. Use this brush to to clean dirt, bird droppings, and grime from convertible tops.

Use the Horse Hair Brush to clean convertible tops, upholstery seats, canvas furniture, sensitive fabrics, shoes, and more.

The perfect brush for cleaning convertible soft tops

Convertible tops require special cleaning procedures and products. Scrub cloth soft tops to agitate dirt, grease, and grime out from the fibers. The soft and durable horse hair bristles pull filth out of vinyl and leather pores and cloth strands. Once contamination is suspended in the cleaner, simply wipe up the mess with a premium microfiber towel or rinse it away with water. This brush can remove years of dirt and grime from soft tops to restore a like-new appearance. For heavy duty cleaning on even the most sensitive fabric surfaces, use the new Chemical Guys Convertible Top Horse Hair Brush.

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