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Chemical Guys Logo Sticker, Circle (8″)


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Chemical Guys Logo Sticker, Circle (8″)

Why Buy This Product?

  • It?s a big sticker!
  • 8 inches of intense passion
  • It?s real sticky and sticks hard to things
  • Stick it anywhere you like
  • Over 250% bigger than the other logo sticker
  • You?re a Chemical Guy and you want the world to know!
  • 8? diameter

Stickers Make It Go Faster

With the original Chemical Guys Logo Sticker, you showed the world that you love your car. Now make an even bigger statement with the Extra Large Chemical Guys Logo Sticker! In case anyone driving behind you has any trouble reading, we?ve made the Round Logo sticker over 250% bigger! Now anyone from any distance can see you love your car and only use the best products. Our entire brand is represented on this one gigantic 8 inch wide roundel! The simple, yet bold decal features the official Chemical Guys crest: a mean skull engine block and piston crossbones adorned with our fundamental principles of Tradition and Lifestyle. Slap this decal on your car to make a bold statement. Paste it to your wash buckets so people know what?s making those mounds of soapy suds. Adorn your detailing kit/battle box with this logo to let your customers and the watching world that you use nothing but the best detailing products money (and souls) can buy! When nothing but the best will do, let the world know you?re a Chemical Guy with the Extra Large Logo Sticker.


Are You A Chemical Guy?

If you care about cars as much as we do, if you?re passionate about auto detailing, if your business prides itself on quality results, if you constantly study and learn about our industry, if you share your knowledge with others, if you wake up eager to detail your auto, if you ever have or sometimes still sleep in your car just for the heck of it, if you?ve ever run out of a restaurant to check on your car, if you smile every time someone gives you a thumbs up on the freeway, if people ever drool over your car?s shine, if you love your car as much as we love making great products for you to use, then you are a Chemical Guy.

Our Story

Chemical Guys was founded with the goal of providing the detailing community with the highest quality car care products. That?s it. Throughout the years, we have remained dedicated to providing our patrons uniquely efficacious car care products, accessories, and knowledge. Each of us is committed to serving our customers and communities alike through the highest quality and service standards.


It?s Your Turn

Chemical Guys is a way of life, a group of friends, a gathering of many, and the last word in premium car care products… Are you with us?

Live the movement. Show your Chemical Guys Pride. Where will you stick it??

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