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Chemical Guys Master Grip Detailing Brush Soft Horse Hair Bristles


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Why Buy This Product?

  • Premium horsehair fine detailing brush
  • Ergonomically designed to be an extension of your hand
  • For fine detailing into intricate and hard to reach areas
  • Perfect for interior and exterior use
  • 100% natural horsehair bristles resist chemicals, clean filth and dirt, and will not scratch sensitive car parts
  • Low-profile toothbrush-style brush easily cleans vents, switches, buttons, seams, cracks, crevices, and other parts in and around any vehicle
  • Keep one for interior use, and one for exterior use

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About This Brush

The Master Grip Soft Horse Hair Detailing Brush is the versatile tool for fine cleaning and detailing on all car parts. This one tool is perfect for cleaning intricate and sensitive pieces inside or outside any vehicle.

The toothbrush-style detailing brush fits into small nooks and crannies where other large detailing brushes just can’t reach. Natural horsehair bristles are tough on dirt and filth, but gentle on sensitive plastics, leather, vinyl, and textured rubber interior surfaces and accessories. Easily clean dirt, dust, grease, spilled food and drinks, motor oil, brake fluid, stains, and filth from centre consoles, radio knobs, window switches and door locks, AC vents, steering wheel control buttons, leather seat seams, engine bay components, door jambs, hood and trunk jambs, and anywhere else big brushes don’t fit.

The Master Grip Brush is made with a synthetic plastic handle and natural horsehair that resist chemicals and solvents, and is soft enough to prevent scratches or damage if ever bumped or rubbed up against sensitive paintwork or clear plastic parts. Natural horsehair is perfect for cleaning brushes because it is lint-free, it absorbs and distributes liquid cleaners efficiently, and it is soft and non-abrasive on most surfaces found throughout every automobile today.

Get a grip on the finer details, and flick away those annoying bits of dirt, dust, and grime with the Master Grip Soft Horse Hair Detailing Brush.

Tough On Filth And Grime

Horsehair is naturally resistant to most cleaners, chemicals, and solvents, so the Master Grip Soft Horse Hair Detailing Brush is easily compatible with every cleaner and degreaser manufactured and sold by Chemical Guys. Spray degreaser directly into the brush bristles and scrub motor oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, or coolant from leaky engine parts and engine bay surfaces.

Spray wheel cleaners right into the brush and scrub tiny crevices between wheel spokes, brake parts, suspension components, and exhaust tips when no other brush can reach into the area. The natural bristles are just stiff enough to break up and scrub offensive dirt and grime from car parts, but soft enough to give and bend before they can scratch any paintwork, clear plastics, wood trim, or polished metal surfaces.

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