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Chemical Guys Three-Way Premium Wash Mitt


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Why Buy This Product?

  • Premium scratchless microfiber car wash mitt
  • Three separate wash surfaces for any detailing mess
  • Use Yellow and Gray sides for paintwork, metal, glass, and plastics
  • Use Bug Mesh to gently scrub bugs, tree sap, and tar, from sensitive areas
  • Microfiber wash mitt holds tons of suds and water
  • Durable elastic cuff grips onto either hand
  • Machine washable
  • Easy to maintain for years of scratch-free detailing

About This Wash Mitt

The Chemical Guys Three-Way Car Wash Mitt is for the adventurous types who have fun detailing their cars! The unique car wash mitt design combines three distinct car washing tools into one easy to grip unit. Gently massage dusty dirt and abrasive grime from curves and contours with the plush microfiber chenille noodles. Flip the mitt over to gently rub heavy filth from paintwork, metal, glass, and durable plastic surfaces with the short-pile microfiber weave. Have bug gut splatters or bee droppings stuck all over the place? Turn the Three-Way Mitt sideways and gently scrub the stuck-on debris with the soft bug scrubbing mesh. The soft microfiber mitt uses a waterproof barrier to keep sensitive skin clear of slippery car wash water, and a tight elastic cuff keeps the mitt on the hand with a snug-fitting grip. Only premium 70/30 blended microfiber makes it into every Three-Way Premium Car Wash Mitt to guarantee a soft scratch-free touch on any painted finish. The Three-Way Wash Mitt is machine washable for a perfectly-clean touch with minimal chance of installing any swirls or scratches at every car wash. Strap on the Three-Way Wash Mitt and take on all comers for a scratch-free car wash experience.

Three Premium Car Wash Tools To Clean Anything

The Three-Way Wash Mitt cleans every area of the vehicle during any car wash. Because over 95% of swirls come from improper washing and drying tools and techniques, the Three-Way Mitt is only made with premium ultra-soft 70/30 blend microfiber. The extra-soft fabric wipes up dirt and debris without scratching sensitive paint. Clean sensitive paint finishes with the yellow microfiber chenille noodles. The bright yellow microfiber traps dirt away from the paint until it is rinsed clean in the 2 Bucket car wash system. Check the bright yellow finish for any stuck-on dirt before returning to the soap bucket for another pass on the vehicle. Wash durable plastic bumpers, window trim pieces, polished metals, and glass with the durable gray microfiber side when you need to rub and clean more aggressively. Gently scrub away dried bugs, guts, bird droppings, tree sap, and road tar without scratching or swirling paintwork with the soft mesh scrubbing pads. Professionals and hardcore enthusiasts choose the Three-Way Premium Wash Mitt to clean their show cars, daily drivers, and work vehicles without fear of installing any swirls or scratches.

Hold More Water And Suds, Scratch Less With Every Wipe

Cheap 99-cent store car wash mitts are made with cheap materials that scratch paintwork, and low grade mitts are so poorly made they can hardly hold any water or suds. The Chemical Guys Three-Way Premium Wash Mitt is made with two types of ultra-fine microfiber and super-soft bug sponges. This fine wash mitt holds five-times its weight in water and suds for plenty of lubrication across sensitive car paint, metal, glass, and plastic. The dual microfiber wash sides lift and trap abrasive dirt and contamination deep within the plush fibers away from sensitive paintwork. Using the separate sides of the Three-Way Mitt helps reduce the chances of scratching paintwork during any car wash. Use the yellow side to wash paint and sensitive metal and plastics, or save the gray side for durable bumpers, trim, and glass. Scrub away dried-on bug guts, bird droppings, road tar, and tree sap without scratching paintwork or plastic with the bug-scrubber mesh. Use the Three-Way Wash Mitt in any two bucket wash for extra protection against swirls and scratches. Clean, shine, and protect your car as you wash with the Chemical Guys Three-Way Premium Car Wash Mitt.

Durable Build Quality

The Three-Way Premium Car Wash Mitt is made with durable synthetic materials for years of dependable use. Traditional lambswool car wash mitts shed fur and fibers all over during a wash, cost 500% more than synthetic wash mitts, and only last a few washes. The Chemical Guys Three-Way Car Wash Mitt is made with durable synthetic materials that last for years, and stay soft for scratch-free washing and detailing use. The synthetic microfiber wash mitt stays plush and soft, and traps and holds dirt after it lifts and separates it from the surface of the vehicle. Trapping dirt within the mitt keeps it from rubbing across the paintwork, and reduces the chances of scratching paint over time. The durable elastic cuff is double stitched for maximum comfort and grip through soapy water, and stays tight to keep water out of the waterproof wash mitt. The super-soft bug scrubbing mesh sides easily scrub bug guts, bird droppings, road tar, and tree sap without scratching the sensitive paint underneath. When one way isn?t enough for washing a car, choose the Chemical Guys Three-Way Microfiber Premium Wash Mitt.

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