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Chemical Guys Upholstery Brush W/Hook & Loop Attach


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Why Buy This Product?

  • Seat and upholstery brush for machine polishers
  • Attaches to any 5 inch hook and loop backing plate
  • Long 1.5inch bristles gently scrub dirt, filth, and stains from seats and upholstery
  • Perfect for leather, vinyl, and cloth seats and fixtures
  • Easily remove stubborn stains and dirt
  • For dual action and rotary polishers

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Powerful Seat And Upholstery Scrubbing Brush

The difference between professionals and amateurs is professionals work smarter, not harder. The Upholstery Brush With Hook & Loop Attachment turns any dual action polisher into an upholstery-scrubbing machine.

Why spend hours scrubbing at filth, spots, and stains by hand? Slap the Upholstery Brush onto your dual action polisher to quickly eradicate deep-set filth, body oils, and stains from leather, vinyl, or cloth seats and upholstery in any vehicle. Harness the power of your favourite machine polisher to spot-treat small spills and stains, or clean entire vehicle interiors with the Upholstery Brush in minutes.

Industry-standard machine polishers like dual action and rotary machines are rarely used to their full potential. The precision injection molded plastic backing plate shrinks around every bundle of bristles for a secure bond that will never pull out or break. Durable nylon bristles resist chemicals while the extended bristle length helps absorb some machine force for gentler cleaning on sensitive interior surfaces.

Tough On Stains

The best way to remove deep-set filth, dirt, and stains from deep within pores and fibers is through physical agitation. Dirt particles get trapped deep inside fabric strands and leather pores, and no amount of gentle wiping or chemical cleaning can dislodge them. The Upholstery Brush With Hook & Loop Attachment physically untangles, scrubs, and agitates dirt and filth from deep within leather, vinyl, and cloth upholstery.

Dual action and rotary polishers are powerful machines, and only a fraction of their power is enough to eradicate filth and stains forever. Attach the Upholstery Brush to any DA or rotary polisher and work over the surface between speed settings 1 and 3. Physical scrubbing is not a half-measure that merely covers filth or stains; the Upholstery Brush With Hook & Loop Attachment delivers permanent and thorough cleaning results on seats and upholstery found throughout the automobile or home.

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