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Chemical Guys Wheel Guard Wheel and Rim Wax (8 oz)


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Why Buy This Product?

  • Keeps wheels shiny and clean
  • Helps repel dirt, grime, water, brake dust, road salt, and more
  • Protects glossy wheel finishes to help prevent corrosion
  • Resists high temperatures from braking and driving
  • Safe for any shiny wheel finish, including chrome, polished aluminum, carbon fiber, stainless steel, and more
  • Perfect for gloss painted, powder coated, chrome, or polished aluminum, stainless steel, or gold wheels and rims
  • Durable protection lasts for months

How It Works

Wheel Guard repels brake dust to keep wheels clean and shiny. Hard braking generates high heat, cooks brake pads, and results in burnt carbon and steel particles all over wheels and rims. This abrasive brake dust is not only ugly and difficult to clean; it?s very corrosive, and will damage the wheels if left unchecked. Chemical Guys Wheel Guard is a specialty synthetic wax developed just for wheels and brake components. Spread the synthetic putty cream over shiny wheel surfaces to protect against brake dust, road grime, dirt, mud, water, and more! The full-synthetic acrylic formula bonds directly into the pores of painted and polished metal surfaces, protecting them off from the environment so contamination simply cannot stick to the wheel. Surfaces protected with Wheel Guard stay cleaner much longer, and are easier to clean with gentle products and methods. Protect any shiny wheel finish, including chrome, polished aluminum, stainless steel, powder coated, painted, vinyl wrapped, and even carbon fiber. Spread Wheel Guard over painted brake calipers to help keep burnt brake dust off parts that take a beating every time you stop the car. Protect wheels and brake parts from harmful brake dust and contamination that ruin gloss and shine with Chemical Guys Wheel Guard wax.

Keep Wheels Shiny And Clean

Wheels are exposed to the thickest and toughest dirt. Generally the roof and doors of a car do not get as filthy as the wheels and undercarriage. People struggle with cleaning wheels because of all the intense grease, grime, road salt, pollution, and brake dust that sticks to them. Preparing surfaces with Wheel Guard helps them repel harmful contamination before it sticks all over the wheel, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze! Wheel Guard fills the empty pores all over the surface of any wheel finish so contamination cannot stick inside them. All the new brake dust and filth simply wipes clean with some water and a gentle cleanser like Chemical Guys Diablo Wheel Cleaner.

Protect Wheels And Stop Corrosion

Brake dust is a nasty blend of burnt carbon, brake pad material, and raw steel from brake rotors. If left unchecked, the particles begin to corrode and rust, eating into any surface it?s resting on. As the brake dust corrodes and breaks down, it destroys the polished finish beneath itself. Wheel Guard blocks brake dust from touching any wheel surface directly, saving it from early corrosion and damage. The synthetic wax formula fills the pores of the wheel surface, blocking any brake dust and filth from rusting into the finish and destroying the integrity of the wheel. Coat any shiny wheel finish with Wheel Guard, including chrome, painted, polished, powder coated, wrapped, and even carbon fiber wheels. Wheels regularly cleaned and coated with Wheel Guard stay shiny and true to their original finish much longer than wheels neglected and left alone. Keep any wheel shiny and beautiful with Chemical Guys Wheel Guard Synthetic Wax.

Science Behind The Shine

Chemical Guys Wheel Guard enhances shine by preventing corrosion that dulls shine in the first place, and wrapping wheels in a glossy high-shine acrylic synthetic wax. Chemical Guys master chemists blended Wheel Guard with a fluorocarbon polymer base, which allows it to spread and buff off effortlessly for a static-free shine. Less static attracts less contamination, allowing wheels a lengthened clean finish. Optical select gloss enhancers fill minor imperfections and make any wheel finish look extra glossy, wet, and shiny. The durable wax coating repels contamination, which makes it easier to clean away any dirt and filth during any regular cleaning or full detail service. The high-bead formula increases surface tension of any liquids rolling across the surface, which makes water instantly bead up and roll off the surface to reveal the beautiful lustrous shine underneath. Choose Wheel Guard to shine, protect, and enhance any glossy wheel finish on any car, truck, motorcycle, or SUV.

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