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Wake up and smell the profits with Cold Hard Cash, the air freshener that wraps you in the mesmerising scent of soft paper currency, then gives you a swift kick in your pants to get you out there making those bucks! Cha-Ching!

Money may not grow on trees, but now it comes in a bottle with Cold Hard Cash Scent! All it takes is one spray to infuse your stinky spaces with that elusive smell that has never before been captured. Something fresh and clean, refined yet organic, and absolutely mesmerising. This scent is sure to impress everyone you come in contact with and leave a lasting impression of success, eagerness, and accomplishment no matter how big (or small) your bank account is!

Bad odours are like bills, they stink! Pay off those nasty odours with Cold Hard Cash- just one spray and the odour eliminators contained within the formula instantly seek and destroy foul odours, so your stinky spaces smell more like a luxurious oasis than a dank gym bag. Now, it doesn?t have to be payday to enjoy the addictive smell of cash- simply mist this premium air freshener and bask in the indescribable greatness of Cold Hard Cash!

Use This Air Freshener To:

  • Motivate yourself and others
  • Drop something fresh on bad odors
  • Wake up your hustle
  • Fix that stanky ride with the smell of accomplishment
  • Take care of business
  • Pay off your bad smell debt
  • Freshen up the smelly air inside your ride
  • Make it rain!