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Deep clean and ceramic protect virtually every surface on your car’s interior with the Complete Ceramic Interior Protection Kit! Lift dirt and stains from deep within carpet and upholstery, and add durable SiO2 ceramic protection to your seats, floor mats, dashboard, door panels, and more!

Awesome Kit Features:

  • Remove stains & ceramic protect your entire interior
  • Clean & protect hard surfaces with just one product
  • Bead water off dashboards, door panels, & more
  • Prevent UV fading, cracking, & discoloration
  • Lift stains & dirt from deep within fibers
  • Restore seats, carpets, fabrics, & upholstery
  • Bead water off fabrics & upholstery to prevent stains
  • Preserve the look & feel of your interior textiles
  • Wipe surfaces with a safe, absorbent, microfiber touch

Apply The Power Of Ceramic To Your Interior

With the Complete Ceramic Interior Protection Kit, you can achieve amazing deep cleaning results and add the most durable protection to keep your car’s interior looking and feeling great! Clean and protect virtually all of your interior hard surfaces with HydroInterior. Remove dirt, grime, fingerprints, and more while simultaneously adding durable SiO2 protection to guard against UV damage and to help prevent dust from sticking. Then, restore your fabric, upholstery, and carpet with Lightning Fast Stain Extractor. Reach deep into fibers to lift dirt and stains for easy removal and when you’re done, protect your carpets and upholstery with HydroThread. Adding hyperactive water beading to repel liquids with HydroThread helps prevent future stains so your interior is always looking fresh and clean!

Deep Clean Your Entire Interior

You spend all your time in the cabin of your car, so why would you drive around with all that filth? Thoroughly clean virtually every surface of your car’s interior with the Complete Ceramic Interior Protection Kit! HydroInterior Ceramic Interior Quick Detailer is a versatile cleaning solution that removes dust, grime, fingerprints, smudges, and more from most hard interior surfaces. The easy to use formula simply sprays on and then wipes off with your Workhorse Towel to easily and effectively clean your ride. For those stained fabrics, upholsteries, and carpets, use Lightning Fast Stain Extractor. The unique cleaner penetrates deep, dissolves tough stains, then emulsifies and lifts dirt and debris to the surface for easy removal.

Ceramic Protect To Maintain Your Ride

So you’ve just beautifully cleaned and detailed your interior, now it’s time to protect your work and help it last its longest! With HydroInterior and HydroThread you can add durable ceramic protection to your entire interior! HydroInterior not only cleans all your interior hard surfaces, once applied, the ceramic-treated surfaces help shed contaminants easier while self-cleaning properties keep your interior cleaner longer and UV protectants help prevent fading and discoloration. Spray a coat of HydroThread onto your seats, fabrics, and carpets to form a super hydrophobic SiO2 barrier that causes liquids to bead up and hover off the surface without penetrating the underlying fibers. Prevent stains easily with this amazing protectant and enjoy a clean interior with the Complete Ceramic Interior Protection Kit!


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