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Graphene Clean And Protect Kit


In stock

Kit Contents

1 x Graphene Nano Spray (16oz)

1 x Car Wash (18oz)

1 x Wheel & Tire Cleaner (16oz)

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303 Graphene Nano Spray Coating is a Graphene Oxide-based coating that provides high levels of protection for 12 months. This spray coating has substantial hydrophobic properties that stop water dwelling on your paint, plus it reduces the amount of water spots by reducing the surface temperature.

Take your vehicle’s shine to an entirely new level with 303® Car Wash. This ultra-concentrated car wash soap will provide your car with a clean, streak-free finish.

303 Wheel & Tyre Cleaner lifts dirt and debris from tyre to leave your wheels and tyres perfectly clean. This Wheel and Tyre Cleaner uses a foaming formula to remove dirt, debris and road grime. The non-corrosive and acid-free formula is safe for use on ALL wheels.



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