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The Hex-Logic Buffing Pad Sampler Kit comes with our most essential pads to get the job done. Choose between the fan-favorite cutting, polishing, and finshing pad for the best results on any paint finish, then clean the pads between passes with Chemical Guys Polishin Pad Cleaner that comes included with the kit!

Use This Pad Kit To:

  • Reduce surface tension on pad
  • Keep your pads cooler for long term cutting & polishing
  • Extend the life of your pads
  • Remove light, medium to heavy scratches

Hex-Logic Backing Material

Every pad uses a hook-and-loop interface backing pad to attach to any machine polisher backing plate that uses the hook-and-loop material. This unique breathable backing material helps wick heat away through the attachment side and advanced vented backing plates. While cheaper foam pads melt and pull apart during polishing jobs, Hex Logic Pads last and last for dependable detailing use on even the most intense polishing jobs.

Polishing Pad Cleaner

Chemical Guys Polishing Pad Cleaner restores all types of machine polishing pads to brand-new cutting and polishing power. Without proper cleaning, buffing and polishing pads can cake up with dry polish and paint residue. Residue clogs polishing pads, which reduces their cutting ability and causes them to produce sub-par results. No matter the pad, chemical, or machine, use Chemical Guys Polishing Pad Cleaner to remove polish and paint residue, and restore pads to a like-new condition


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