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Boat Hybrid Wash and Wax is a premium wash and gloss-enhancer for boats, watercraft, trailers, and more that easily washes away the heaviest marine contamination and leaves behind a natural carnauba wax shine.

Use This To:

  • Wash boats, wave runners, canoes and other watercraft
  • Enhance gloss and shine
  • Protect and seal
  • Wash using two bucket or foam cannon
  • Washes all colors

Versatile Formula For All Boats And Watercraft

Boat Hybrid Wash & Wax gently cleans away dirt, filth, salt spray, contamination, and more. Low end soaps and cleaners can strip wax, etch sensitive surfaces, and be hazardous to the environment and sea creatures. Boat Hybrid Wash & Wax is non-toxic, gentle on the environment and boat materials, yet tough on grease, grime, and dirt. Clean, protect, and shine your nautical investment with Boat Hybrid Wash & Wax!

Powerful Cleaning With Brilliant Shine

Boat Hybrid Wash & Wax is blended with natural carnauba wax to enhance your wax coat for added protection and shine. Specialty lubricants help guide dirt and debris from the surface without scratching any fiberglass, gel coat, paint, or plastic boat surfaces. Natural carnauba wax blended into the formula shines and protects the boat surface and enhances any coating of sealant or wax on the vessel. Use Boat Hybrid Wash & Wax for a scratch-free wash that shines and protects!


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