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Signature Series Wheel Cleaner & Stranger Mitt Bundle / Kit


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Kit Contents

1 x Signature Series Wheel Cleaner (16oz)

1 x Stranger Mitt

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Signature Series is a strong citrus-based wheel cleaner that is tough on brake dust and filth, but gentle and safe for most wheel finishes and materials.

Use This To: 

  • Power through thick grime and contamination
  • Help prevent permanent damage to wheels and brakes
  • Quickly pull off dirt and debris in seconds
  • Spray down suspension and brake parts
  • Dilute for the perfect cleaning muscle on any job

Natural Citrus Cleaning Power

Signature Series Wheel Cleaner is blended with natural citrus extracts for powerful cleaning of dirt, grime, and brake dust. Brake dust contains corrosive iron and carbon deposits that can destroy wheels. Signature Series helps remove this contamination before it causes permanent corrosion and damage. The natural citrus formula is safe for painted, polished, powder coated, and wrapped wheels.

Powerful Decontamination with a Gentle Finish

Adding Signature Series to normal wheel cleanings reduces buildup and corrosion and protects a pristine showroom shine. Spray the cleaner directly onto alloy wheels, plastic wheel covers, brake parts, suspension parts, plastic fender liners, or undercarriage parts to break down caustic grime and filth. Clean rubber tire sidewalls to ensure tire shine dressings last longer and look better!

Wash and detail with ultimate flexibility with the Stranger, the unique five fingered wash glove that conforms to any shape of your hand to get in all tight cracks and crevices!

Awesome Stranger Features:
  • Contours to any shape
  • Holds tons of soapy suds
  • Works great wet or dry
  • Deep cleans cracks & crevices
  • Dusts all surfaces
  • Perfect for left or right hand
  • Cleans behind wheels
  • Conforms to all surfaces
  • Perfect for home and office use
  • Effortlessly slips between wheel spokes
  • One size fits all

Unlimited Flexibility Conforms To Any Shape

By using a unique individually fingered design, the Stranger easily reaches, twists, turns, and conforms to any shape of your hand! The five fingered design gives you maximum versatility and flexibility so you can contour the mitt exactly to the shape you’re cleaning. It’s the perfect way to clean the back of your wheels and other areas that you normally can’t reach!

One Wash Mitt, Unlimited Uses

Foaming up your ride? Spread your hand flat to cover maximum surface area and douse large swathes of your paint in thick suds, then wrap your hand around exhaust pipes, side mirrors, and more! Don’t forget to slide the Stranger between grille slats, intakes, behind wheels and other hard to reach areas and watch as dirt and grime fall out of those areas you haven’t been able to clean before. It’s like having a wash mitt for each of your fingers!

Dust All Interiors In Seconds

Need a helping hand? Made of premium microfiber, the Stranger is perfect for dusting interior surfaces with an ultra-soft touch! The extra fluffy high pile ensures that you can wipe away light dust without scratching sensitive interior surfaces. The bicolor design easily helps you distinguish between clean and dirty sides and helps separate surface applications. Easily dust large dashes, seats, and door panels with your whole hand, or use just a couple fingers to finally clean pesky air vent grills, in between seats, under seats, and more!


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