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TORQ R5 Dual-Action Red Backing Plate (6″)


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Why Buy This Product?

  • Extra-large 6?? dual action polisher backing plate
  • Fits any DA polisher that accepts 5/16?? – 24 spindle accessories
  • TORQ10FX, TORQX, Porter Cable 7424XP, Griot?s 6??, Meguiar?s G110, Meguiar?s MT300
  • Hyper-Flex Technology conforms to all automotive curves and contours
  • Delivers finer results in less time and less energy
  • Cooling channels funnel in fresh air to cool the backing plate, buffing pad, machine, and painted surface
  • Reduces wear and tear on the backing plate, buffing pad, and machine

Extra Large Backing Plate For Bigger Polishing Passes

TORQ Tools designed high performance backing plates for finer finishing and faster results on every polishing job. The R5 Dual Action Polisher Backing Plate with Hyper Flex Technology works on any DA machine that accepts 5/16?? – 24 spindle thread accessories, including the TORQ10FX, TORQX, and Porter Cable 7424XP dual action polishers. The advanced backing plate design uses high-strength high-density foam for extreme durability and extended performance at high polishing RPMs. Specialty air channels funnel in fresh air to cool the backing plate, polishing machine, and buffing pad for reduced wear and tear during long polishing jobs. Hyper-Flex Technology allows the backing plate to flex and conform to every vehicle curve and contour, ensuring maximum buffing pad contact and a finer finish in less time than traditional backing plate designs. Simply attach the large 6?? backing plate to run extra large 6.5?? – 10?? buffing pads and scrubbing brushes. Tackle any large-scale polishing, cleaning, and waxing job quickly and easily with your favorite dual action polisher and the best backing plate for your large buffing pads and accessories: the TORQ R5 6?? Dual Action Backing Plate with Hyper Flex Technology.

Built For Performance

Polisher backing plates connect your buffing and polishing pad to your machine polisher. Without a backing plate, you cannot use a machine to polish your paintwork, scrub carpets, or spread wax. Slap your favorite buffing pad onto the TORQ R5 Backing Plate and get to work polishing away swirls, scratches, and water spots from any car. The durable backing plate attaches to your machine polisher via the 5/16?? – 24 spindle thread. Use the slim wrench that came with your DA polisher to hold the spindle, then screw the backing plate on until it fits snugly against the spindle. Make sure you keep the washer on the spindle to ensure proper clearance between the backing plate and machine housing for error-free polishing. The TORQ R5 backing plate uses high quality hook and loop material to hold onto buffing pads and accessories with a solid grip. Circulatory Cooling Air Channels funnel in fresh air to cool the backing plate, buffing pad, machine polisher, and work surface as the pad spins and works. This reduces wear and tear, and maximizes polish work time for finer results in less time. It?s no accident that detailers around the world love TORQ R5 backing plates: they?re designed to be perfect.

Built For Flexibility

TORQ R5 backing plates are designed to flex and conform to the surface. Traditional backing plates are too stiff to work through curves and contours. Ever try fitting a square peg in a round hole? It doesn?t work! Polishing in a curve with a stiff backing plate puts too much pressure on the edges of the pad, creating too much friction and heat that can leave a ring of marring marks and holograms in the paint. TORQ R5 backing plates with Hyper Flex technology conform to every curve and contour, filling the space more evenly with the whole pad for better polishing results. Choose from the whole TORQ R5 backing plate lineup for every polishing job, large or small, with any dual action, large-throw orbital, or rotary machine polisher.

Built For Endurance

Friction creates wear and tear. When polishing for extended periods of time, backing plates, machine polishers, and buffing pads wear out, melt, and break. TORQ R5 backing plates are formed with vents and cooling channels for proper ventilation while working. The spinning of the machine channels in fresh air to help cool the backing plate, buffing pad, and machine polisher. The extra airflow runs around, and through the backing plate, taking away excess heat that prematurely melts buffing pads and destroys backing plates. Less heat buildup also extends the worktime of polishes and compounds. Longer worktime means more even polish abrasive breakdown, more even polishing, and a finer finish in fewer passes. Save time, save equipment, and save money with the TORQ R5 backing plate lineup from TORQ Tools.

What Machines Is This Backing Plate For?

The TORQ R5 3” Dual Action Backing Plate fits any DA polisher that accepts 5/16?? – 24 spindle accessories:

  • TORQ10FX
  • Porter Cable 7424XP
  • Griot?s 6??
  • Meguiar?s G110
  • Meguiar?s MT300

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