Protect your wheels against the elements with max coat guard wheel

Most of us are proud of our cars and go to great lengths to maintain both the performance and the look of them. You can always see people out washing and waxing the body of their car, buffing it up and getting it as smart and shiny as they can. What is not always quite so easy though, is maintaining the look of your wheels and rims – constantly exposed to the road dirt and grime – and, of course, the conditions of the roads our weather leaves them in! Max Coat Guard Wheel is a product you should seriously consider to help you achieve, and maintain, the look you want for your wheels.

Repels brake dust, road grime, salt, dirt, dust and

It has an advanced coating sealant which repels all of these materials that can potentially harm the wheels and rims of any vehicle by causing corrosion. Many cars powerful brake systems can expel highly corrosive ‘brake dust’ – this dust contains shards of raw steel, burnt carbon and brake pad debris, which can be highly corrosive and filthy. The Max Coat cream sealant spreads just like a wax, so is easy to apply. The advanced sealant formula creates a shield to which these harmful elements cannot stick, therefore reducing dust contamination by up to 75% in comparison with unprotected wheels, or inferior products.

Provides an enhanced high gloss shine

Wheels that are treated with Wheel Guard Max Coat are far easier to clean and will also stay cleaner for a longer period. Once treated with Max Coat, to clean you simply wipe away any contaminating agents with car wash soap and water. This simple, regular cleaning will keep wheels free from deep-rooted contamination and help prevent damage and corrosion to the wheels. As well as providing this important protection, the blended gloss agents contained in Max Coat enhance the shine and leave a bright, clean look on both wheels and rims.

Provides a durable coating

Wheel Guard Max Coat lasts through dozens of washes and, more importantly, survives the high temperature braking conditions your vehicle experiences, and will provide up to 8 months full protection from just one application.


Wheel Guard Max Coat can be applied to any black, chrome, silver or polished wheel and leave a bright and shiny finish giving that permanent ‘brand new’ look. Chrome will really sparkle and shine, whilst paint and powder coats take on that deep, wet look. Stainless steel and polished metals are left with a shimmer and custom gold finishes can provide an almost hypnotic lustre in movement! Wheel Guard Max Coat provides protection and a great finish, not only on cars, but any vehicle – trucks, motorcycles, caravans and even planes!