What does car snow form actually do?

When washing and detailing our cars we, naturally, want the best finish we can achieve. Regular washing and waxing can leave our vehicles looking clean and shiny but doesn’t always effectively deal with ingrained dirt that accumulates over a period with the car’s regular use.

In recent times, snow foam car shampoo has been used more frequently in order to achieve a more thorough and deeper clean – here is some information as what snow foam car shampoo is, what it actually does, how it works and why you should be incorporating snow foaming into your regular car detailing routine.

It is probably best to first establish what snow foam car wash actually is – it is, in effect, a form of detergent that acts as a pre-wash for your car. You apply it to your vehicle surface immediately prior to your normal car wash routine – this creates a thick white foam that helps to lift the dirt from your car making your ensuing wash more effective.

The thick foam clings to the car surface increasing the amount of time that the contained cleaning agents are in direct contact with the dirt on your car – this extended contact time allows the cleaning agents to better break down dirt and residue and lift it from the car surface, allowing the following wash to be more thorough.

How to use snow foam

Unlike regular detergents you cannot apply snow foam with a bucket and sponge – it needs to be applied to the vehicle with a pressure washer and a ‘snow foam lance’ or snow foam gun.

The lance is a specially designed nozzle attached to your pressure washer that pulls the snow foam liquid into the stream of water and the created solution is then pushed through a mesh that agitates the liquid snow foam into the thick foam that clings to the car. You simply mix some snow foam liquid with water in the snow foam gun’s bottle and adjust the nozzle to control the amounts of water and air that are required to mix to create the required foam.

You may initially need some ‘trial and error’ to establish exactly the right mix of snow foam and water as different pressure washer apparatus and snow foam liquid formulas can vary.

Snow Foam Blaster R1 Foam Gun

Washing your car may not always seem to be the most appealing task – but attacking it with a snow foam blaster can make it much more fun! To create your own snow foam party all you need to do is connect your snow foam blaster R1 foam gun to a garden hose and get blasting! This particular snow foam blaster gun is the cutting edge in foam gun technology – it creates a more than generous amount of foam that lubricates your car to create the perfect surface for your wash mitt to effortlessly glide over your vehicle achieving a smooth, clean finish without the fear of any scratch or damage.

There is no special extra equipment needed to accompany the snow foam blaster – it simply attaches to any hose. The foam gun mixes snow foam car shampoo with the appropriate amounts of water and air to create a thick and effective car wash foam. There are three interchangeable water pressure tips you can attach for different pressures and amounts of suds that will provide a totally scratch-free wash to your vehicle.

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Foam Blaster 6 Foam Wash Gun

The TORQ Foam Blaster 6 Wash Gun transforms your standard car wash into a cleaning bubble bath that removes any abrasive dirt particles by gently penetrating and lifting the dirt particles without grinding them further into the paintwork.

This snow foam blaster is easy to use – simply attach to any standard garden hose, fill the bottle with water and a Chemical Guys snow foam car wash shampoo, and spray your car with the resulting foamy car wash suds.

Allow the foam to swell up on the car surface for five minutes whilst it loosens and lifts any abrasive dirt then simply detach the foam gun from the sprayer nozzle and rinse away the suds. This snow foam blaster will give you a professional finish without the professional investment!

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Torq Professional Foam Cannon

The TORQ Big Mouth Max Release Foam Cannon provides the best car wash experience ever! This model is designed with a giant head and bottle mouth and has a fully adjustable stream to shoot the thickest suds.

It generates a massive amount of foam suds with a big blow bezel – a huge 2 inches in diameter – that directs the foam powerfully and easily, and the easy adjust foam knob gives you complete control over the spray. The full flow technology provides both a wide fan or a concentrated stream of thick foam whilst the ergonomically designed handle makes the foaming action easy and comfortable.

The larger 34 ounces bottle dilutes the car cleaning snow foam more evenly and allows you to foam for a longer period.

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