What does snow foam actually do?

When washing and detailing our cars we, naturally, want the best finish we can achieve. Regular washing and waxing can leave our vehicles looking clean and shiny but doesn’t always effectively deal with ingrained dirt that accumulates over a period with the car’s regular use.

In recent times, snow foam car shampoo has been used more frequently in order to achieve a more thorough and deeper clean – here is some information as what snow foam car shampoo is, what it actually does, how it works and why you should be incorporating snow foaming into your regular car detailing routine.

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It is probably best to first establish what snow foam car wash actually is – it is, in effect, a form of detergent that acts as a pre-wash for your car. You apply it to your vehicle surface immediately prior to your normal car wash routine – this creates a thick white foam that helps to lift the dirt from your car making your ensuing wash more effective.

How Snow Foam Works

The thick foam clings to the car surface increasing the amount of time that the contained cleaning agents are in direct contact with the dirt on your car – this extended contact time allows the cleaning agents to better break down dirt and residue and lift it from the car surface, allowing the following wash to be more thorough.

How To Use Snow Foam

Unlike regular detergents you cannot apply snow foam with a bucket and sponge – it needs to be applied to the vehicle with a pressure washer and a ‘snow foam lance’ or snow foam gun.

The lance is a specially designed nozzle attached to your pressure washer that pulls the snow foam liquid into the stream of water and the created solution is then pushed through a mesh that agitates the liquid snow foam into the thick foam that clings to the car. You simply mix some snow foam liquid with water in the snow foam gun’s bottle and adjust the nozzle to control the amounts of water and air that are required to mix to create the required foam.

You may initially need some ‘trial and error’ to establish exactly the right mix of snow foam and water as different pressure washer apparatus and snow foam liquid formulas can vary.

Why You Should Use Snow Foam

In everyday use your car is subject to a lot of ‘environmental abuse’ – it collects all kinds of residue and dirt which quickly becomes dried in. Even if you wash your car regularly you cannot guarantee that the detergents and waxes used will always be strong enough to achieve a thorough wash and finish – snow foam car shampoo enhances your regular car washing routine by effectively loosening and breaking down the ingrained dirt on your car’s paintwork and wheels, enabling the regular car shampoo to finish the job properly.

This process will lead to an easier car wash, a much cleaner car that is better protected against residual dirt and general damage to your paintwork.