Why do I need to use snow foam car wash?

Most people either take their car to a specialised car wash or, if doing it themselves, clean their vehicle with a car shampoo and water using buckets, sponges and cloths. If, however, you want to ensure that you’ve cleaned your car to the best effect, you should think about using Snow foam car wash.

Here are a just a few points to explain why you should consider this option before washing your car next time:

Snow Foam

This is not a wash in itself but a ‘pre-wash’ – it’s a variety of detergent that you apply to your car BEFORE you give it your regular wash and wax. Once applied, it appears as a thick ‘snow’ white foam which helps break down, and lift, the dirt on your car surface, so that the regular wash will work more effectively.

Reasons For Using Snow Foam Car Wash

Everyday use of your car exposes it to all manner of dirt and residues – your paintwork can take a lot of abuse over a short period of time! These residues can very quickly attach themselves to the paintwork surface and become ingrained – sometimes to the point where a regular wash and wax treatment just isn’t strong enough to effectively remove it all!

Using snow foam car wash will break down the offending stubborn dirt on the car paintwork and wheels, thus making it much easier for your regular car shampooing routine to clean your car properly.   

How Does It Work?

The thick white foam attaches itself to the surface of your car increasing the amount of time the cleaning agents have to work on the dirt that has collected there. This ‘contact time’ is greater than you could achieve with simple soap and water, and therefore works longer and harder on any persistent dirt or residue and loosens it from the paintwork – this, in turn, creates an easier task for your regular washing agent being applied afterwards.

How To Use It

You will need to apply the foam car wash with a ‘foam cannon’ – this is a special attachment that fits to your pressure washer, with an air-injection system that combines the perfect amount of car wash shampoo, water and oxygen to create the actual thick foam that attaches itself to the car.

Whilst both a foam car wash and your regular car shampoo work to break down surface dirt they actually work very differently. Snow foam needs to be sprayed onto your car and then left to settle to do its’ work! You shouldn’t try to wipe off the foam with a cloth or wash mitt, as it doesn’t contain any elements that would help it slide easily over paintwork – it needs to be rinsed away after a period of time.

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