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Chemical Guys InstaWax (16 oz)


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Sprayable Protection And Shine

InstaWax Liquid Carnauba Shine and Protection Spray is the perfect solution to keep your vehicle looking amazing with outstanding protection against the elements. InstaWax advanced spray wax formula will change the way you wax your car forever.

While traditional paste and cream waxes require a time consuming application process, InstaWax sprays on in seconds to shine any colour vehicle and provides protection from harmful airborne pollution, contamination, and water spots.

Premium Carnauba-Sealant Blend

Automotive enthusiasts have prized carnauba wax for the warm, wet, natural glowing shine that it gives to every paint colour. Just one coat of 100% carnauba-based wax enhances a deep wet lustrous shine that stirs emotions and stuns onlookers. InstaWax is blended with premium all-natural carnauba wax for a deep wet shine, and synthetic sealant technology for durable protection against the elements.

Spray wax technology has made detailing faster and easier than ever imagined. Traditional waxes require time consuming application processes and methods. InstaWax makes waxing any car faster and easier. Simply spray on a microfiber towel, applicator pad, or even directly onto the surface. It dries in minutes and creates a deep-wet shine finish that is sure to grab attention.

Perfect For Any Colour

The InstaWax formula brings life and protection to any colour. The quick and easy formula is dust-free, so it can be used in any situation. InstaWax dries fast and applies easily so anyone can wax their vehicle in just a matter of minutes. Enhance the shine and protect the colour of any show car, garage queen, or daily driver with Chemical Guys InstaWax.

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