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Chemical Guys Big Chubby Microfiber Wash Sponge


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Big Chubby Microfiber Wash Sponge

Why Buy This Product?

  • Extra thick memory foam pad covered in soft microfiber
  • Inside stitched for superior softness
  • Gently lifts dirt without scratching the surface
  • Unique blend of opened-ended microfiber
  • Effective cleaning tool under both wet and dry conditions
  • Knitted cuff keeps mitt closely around your Streak-free and lint-free

About This Wash Sponge

It?s time to throw away your old car wash sponge! The Big Chubby Microfiber Wash Sponge is ultra plush, ultra soft, lint free, and scratch free. Cheap auto part store wash sponges use cheap plastic foam that gives nowhere for dirt to go. Every wipe with a low-grade sponge grinds dirt and dust into your paintwork, and leaves you with millions of swirls and scratches all over your vehicle. The Big Chubby Microfiber Wash Sponge is made with a plush memory foam pad wrapped in premium microfiber. The unique microfiber strands act like hook and loop: trapping and holding abrasive dirt particles away from your painted finish for a scratch-free car wash. High quality construction and attention to detail put stitches inside the sponge for a soft edgeless design that won?t scratch paint. The Big Chubby Microfiber Wash Sponge can be used wet with car wash soap and bucket or dry with quick detail spray as a dust remover. The memory foam construction allows the wash sponge to retain its shape even after numerous uses. Throw it in the washer and dryer with your microfiber towels to keep it clean and fresh for the next car wash. Get a grip on full car wash and details with the Big Chubby Microfiber Wash Sponge.


Grab Some Cleaning Power

Need to rub out some stubborn dirt and grime? Grab ahold of the Chemical Guys Big Chubby Microfiber Wash Sponge. The sculpted ergonomic shape tapers in the middle so detailers of any size can get a firm grip on the car wash tool. Cheap parts store wash sponges are square blocks of foam with no curves to grab on to, which makes it difficult for people with smaller hands to wrap their fingers around the clumsy shape. Chemical Guys solved the problem by designing the wash sponge around the user, not the other way around. The Big Chubby Wash Sponge is easy to grab, easy to use, and washes cars without scratching or swirling the surface. The plush microfiber grabs and traps abrasive dirt and grime so you have less of a chance of installing any swirls or scratches in the surface.

Microfiber Saves Paint From Swirls And Scratches

The Big Chubby Microfiber Microfiber Wash Sponge traps dirt, grime, and debris for scratch-free cleaning. Cheap polyurethane and plastic car wash sponges you buy at the auto parts store just push dirt across your paintwork. That?s not a car wash sponge, that?s sandpaper! Every swipe with a cheap sponge destroys shiny paint with millions of tiny swirls and scratches. Pick up and trap dirt and filth particles with the Big Chubby Microfiber Wash Sponge. Every strand of microfiber acts like hook and loop: trapping and holding tiny dirt particles, dust, and sand deep within the fabric itself. This physical action holds the dirt off the paint as you swipe, insulating against swirls and scratches while you clean. The premium 70/30 microfiber blend stays softer after more wash and dry cycles than cheaper microfiber wash tools. This is one Big Chubby that lasts and lasts with better endurance and cleaning power than smaller wash implements. Ask your detailer about the best car wash sponges, and he?ll show you the Big Chubby Microfiber Wash Sponge.

Colour Coded For Scratch-Less Detailing

Dirt, filth, and grime blocks shine and reflection, and makes cars look terrible. This contamination is dark and filthy, and contrasts with bright vibrant colours found on any car, and the Chemical Guys Big Chubby Microfiber Wash Sponge. Cleaning any car with the light fabric highlights any dirt, filth, or debris after every wipe. Instead of scrubbing with the same filth and scratching the car, the detailer gets a chance to see the contamination, and remove it from the sponge using the two bucket car wash method. Keeping the sponge clean keeps the car clean, and cleaning with less dirt means less chances of installing swirls and scratches on any car. Protect your car as you wash with the Chemical Guys Big Chubby Microfiber Wash Sponge.

How To Use:
Washing The Car

  • Use two buckets whenever washing your car: fill one bucket with 5 gallons of water and 1 – 3 oz. of your favorite Chemical Guys car wash soap, and the other bucket with plain water.
  • Rinse your car, then wash in straight lines with the soapy wash sponge.
  • After cleaning a panel or two, dip the sponge in the bucket of plain water to loosen the embedded dirt and grime, then wring it out on the ground to purge the dirt from within.
  • Return to the soap bucket and continue to wash the whole car.
  • Rinse away all soap and dirt from the car, then dry with premium microfiber towels.

Care Instructions

  • Machine wash microfiber goods with Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash and HOT water.
  • Machine dry microfiber goods on LOW heat.
  • Do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets: fabric softeners clog microfiber, rendering it unabsorbent and useless.

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